Confession:  I talk about my clients all the time!  More specifically, I talk about how many of the skincare issues that I deal with would be reduced if my clients would make a few simple changes to their skincare routines.  These resolutions will get you there!

1.  I will use sunscreen.  If my skin is oily, I will invest the time into finding a sunscreen that I like.  I will keep this resolution regardless of my ethnicity.
2.  I will remove my makeup before going to bed.
3.  I will use an eye cream.
4.  I will get a chemical peel quarterly.
5.  I will use an exfoliating scrub twice each week.
6.  I will not pick my bumps.
7.  I will see a skincare professional if I experience something itchy, that burns, that grows/expands, or bleeds.
8.  If my skin is dry, I will NOT take hot, long showers. I will welcome warm water into my life.
9.  If I smoke, I will accept the extra fees that Blush will charge to extract all those blackheads that accumulate around my mouth because I smoke.
10.  I will feed my skin from the inside out by drinking more water, eating more veggies, and getting sufficient sleep.