photogrid_1487594236181I have a found the answer to your cleanser woes!  Before I tell you how great these cleansers are, let me tell you who I think they work best for:

a)  People who wash their faces multiple times per day (i.e., people who exercise and go back to work);
b)  People who have combination and dry skin (including eczema);
c)  People who wear makeup, including stubborn mascara;
d)  People who experience seasonal (winter) dryness; and
e)  People whose skin is dry or irritated after a peel.

How you use it:
You apply the oil to dry skin and massage your face (and this is why you coat your lashes to get rid of the mascara!).  Once you moisten your hands, the oil with foam just a tad.  If you need to do a second wash, you can do so without stripping your skin.  Note:  if you’re just worried about a little makeup residue, use an alcohol free toner instead of second wash because you’ll hang on to even more moisture that way.

I evaluated four facial cleansing oil products on the following criteria: weight, smell, ability to remove mascara, and ability to cleanse skin without stripping moisture.  Since I meet all the criteria above, I needed a skin cleanser intervention!

L’Occitane Shea Butter (6.7 oz, $24)
Dermalogica Precleanse (5.1 oz, $40)
Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Oil (6.7 oz, $26)
Tatcha Camelina Oil Cleanser (5.1 oz, $48)

L’Occitane and Tatcha were heavier, and by heavier, I really mean “richer”.  I love the way both products felt on my skin!  The Clinique and Dermalogica products were lighter in weight, and for that reason, I’d recommend these two for people with combination-to-normal-to oily skin.

My preferences are in this order:  L’Occitane, Dermalogica, Tatcha, and Clinque.  Dermalogica’s scent smells soothing, kind of what you’d expect at during a spa treatment (think eucalyptus meets skincare) whereas L’Occitane and Tatcha were simply pleasing and maybe a little sweet-smelling.  Unfortunately, I must say that the Clinique product smelled like cooking oil (think canola oil)….NOPE!

Ability to Remove Mascara:
All of them performed equally.  Frankly, this was a boon for me because my last eye makeup remover was a fail.  If the skin around your eyes is sensitive and a tad dry, the oils are a godsend.

Ability to cleanse skin without stripping moisture:
None of the products stripped my skin during first or second washes; however, L’Occitane and Dermalogica left my skin feeling slightly more supple after the second and third washes.  Remember, L’Occitane contains shea butter!  By the same token, the Dermalogica product is designed to be a wash before the main wash which is why it’s called “PRE CLEANSE”.  Finally, camelina oil is key ingredient in a post-peel balm that I also recommend for people with eczema.  Be dry no more!

So, what did I choose?
I decided that L’Occitane was the best overall!  In the spring, I’ll compare L’Occitane to Dermalogica again.  I mean, who doesn’t want to see how an oil-based cleanser fights with sweat?