Confession time: I cheat on my chemical peels! Yes, I love chemical peels as much as the next person; however, the down time for the mandeliclear peel (It’s the one that y’all get that peels, visibly, like crazy) can be hard to plan for sometimes.

On the flip-side, the occasional break outs that I get and the black marks that they leave behind must be fought tooth and nail! While I do the heavy lifting with peels, I enlist the day-to-day help of the product on the left, Circadia’s Vitamin A Gel. Think of Vitamin A as a mild version of Retin-A. Seriously, it’s a derivative of that product and it works similarly, but much more slowly.

Additionally, I STRONGLY recommend this product in summer for two reasons. First, as you know, peeling requires sunscreen use, and I know some people hate sunscreen because it can make the skin greasy. I suggest that those clients skip peeling between June and August: why risk an ugly sunburn? The second reason I recommend it is when my clients are going to sunny places like the Caribbean. I don’t want to peel you two weeks before or after your trip because the risk of irritation and sunburn are higher. So, this is an alternative to help manage acne while keeping the skin looking bright.

By now, you’re probably wondering why the picture on the right is even up there. So, am I! I went the International Beauty Show last week and found this product among the professional products, and I’m excited to try it. Although it has half the retinol strength of the product on the left, it contains 2% salicylic acid which means it might help with acne AND oil control! Also, because it is lesser in strength, it may be an option for those of you with sensitive skin. But I’ll try it first to let you know whether I think that price difference is justified.