Okay, this list is really my “By Columbus Day” Bucket List!  I think I can get all of this done between now and Columbus Day. If I work really hard when I’m supposed to be working, I have plenty of time to play.

Appalachian Trail Boardwalk in Sussex County
Location: 78 Continental Rd, Warwick, NY 10990/Vernon Valley, NJ (41.244185, -74.287035)

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge and spend a day in Brooklyn.

I kinda resent spending most of my time in NYC in Manhattan. Besides, I heard the view of the City is beautiful when you walk the bridge at sunset.

Spend day at Grounds for Sculpture

(I’ve done wedding makeup here, but never actually “visited”). And if I could do dinner at RATS, the day would be perfect!

Visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture (again) alone.

I’ve gone twice with friends. I want to go again and go earlier and stay longer.  Then, I want to walk around and take the last train home.  Perhaps while I’m there, I’ll make progress on #13.

Visit two of these parks: https://washington.org/DC-focus-on/dcs-parks-and-gardens

Decide whether to offer microblading!  Everybody needs eyebrows!!!!

Visit Charleston, SC. (Roadtrip)

I’d like to consider this place as an option for the 2018 or 2019 Reflect to Refocus Fall Retreat.

Hike the Hudson Palisades: I drove around in the general vicinity and nearly cried that it was so beautiful (that could’ve been PMS though). njpalisades.org/trails.html.

Spend the night at the Borgata in Atlantic City and get up early enough to watch the sunrise while sitting out on of the jetties.

Add at least three more entries to my church lady dessert thread…If #6 is a goal, I gotta share these (perhaps with you!): https://sisterbrookschurch.wordpress.com/church-lady-desserts/

Bike these three paths by September 29th:

43 miles http://www.pinelandsalliance.org/downloads/pinelandsalliance_92.pdf,

46 miles http://www.pinelandsalliance.org/downloads/pinelandsalliance_94.pdf

70 miles https://www.traillink.com/trail/delaware-and-raritan-canal-state-park-trail/

Visit #3:

Pick a significant other. Yes, I believe I have the power to make such a decision unilaterally!