If you’re an outdoorsy kind of person, these tips can be used for more activities than hiking!

Just because we hike, it doesn’t mean that we don’t care about our skin (or our appearance).  We don’t accept sunburn and welts from bug bites as par for the course.  So, as we venture into the woods, we pack a few “we cayute” items alone with our survival gear.  If you dare trek out to the woods, take all of this stuff with you!

1. Sunscreen, sun visor, long sleeves;

2. GoldBond friction defense and a handkerchief/hand towel to wipe sweat (both reduce the chance of heat rashes);

3. Aloe vera just in case of sunburn;

4. Bug repellent;

5. Hydrocortisone and alcohol wipes just in case of bug bites;

6. Gentle skincare wipes to get the grime off your face just in case you have a long drive home;

7. Lip balm;

8. Extra water bottle just in case you need to rinse a cut; and

9. Moleskin for your feet just in case your shoes rub (good socks and shoes are also a must).


Other Non-Skincare Related Items You’ll Need:
a. Something for navigation (map and a compass);
b. Flash light;
c. First aid kit;
d. Something to start a fire;
e. Something to eat;
f. Hydration (water and something with electrolytes);
g. Emergency shelter (something that you can sit under just in case you get stuck and it starts to rain);
h. Something to keep you warm;
i.  An extra cell phone battery; and
j.  Your camera and a selfie stick!