When you are contemplating any significant skincare treatment, you should consider asking for a test spot. For that matter, a test spot should be something you consider and request from your skincare professional if your skin is generally sensitive or if you know your skin gets irritated rather easily.

Now, what, exactly, is a test spot? Welp, it’s exactly what it sounds like: it’s picking a spot in the area where the skincare treatment will be applied to test how your skin will react. Take a look at the image above: in the area under the chin is an excellent place to test treatments (particularly chemical peels and laser hair removal) that will be applied to your whole face BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE LESS ABLE TO SEE THAT SPOT!  You want a low visibility spot for two reasons.  #1) If your skin reacts negatively, i.e., dark marks, rash, etc., people won’t be able to see it immediately upon looking at you.  #2) If you’re getting a chemical peel test spot, you could experience dryness, itchiness, and shedding; what better place to see how your skin will react than in a less visible area?

You should also know that getting a test spot could require that you wait for an additional two weeks before getting the full skincare treatment because the test area needs time to get back to its pre-test state before adding more treatments and products to it. Finally, the best time to request a spot treatment is during your initial consultation.