Beautiful Makeup

Blush & Brushes specializes in beautiful, elegant makeup! Our style and focus is on the woman who wants to look like herself as she confronts every day and every special occasion.

We pride ourselves on being a concierge service. Essentially, that means that we come to you and go out of our way to make working together as easy as possible. We’ve worked with a range of clients from the professional who was headed into a major meeting where she knew photos would be taken to weddings down the shore in obscure locations. We work with you to make it happen.

All of our services are provided on-site (our service area is 15 miles from Haddonfield, NJ).

Wedding Makeup

Every love story is awesome, but intimate weddings are our favorite. Weddings bring out the love, hope, and vulnerability of people, and we want to help you to enjoy the moments. Our smaller wedding clients get to see us at our best.  Wedding parties of five of fewer clients gives us latitude and flexibilities that make catering to slightly non-traditional requests possile.  Meanwhile, we can do such things while continuously providing excellent service.

Important Details:
Airbrush and Traditional Makeup are Available
There are no service minimums
The service maximum is five clients.

Corporate and Professional Headshots

Once while I was teaching a workshop, a participant googled me. Right before break, she held up her phone and said, “OMG, is this you?”  Indeed, it was me! She’d found a picture that I’d taken at least 10 years prior to that day. I was wearing a bunch of colors, and my hair closely cropped hair (aka teeny weeny afro) was platinum blonde. Yes, I posed, intentionally, for that picture. Thankfully, I’m not embarassed by that picture (and I’m doubly thankful that my style has changed). But, lets face it, moments like this one aren’t unique.

While it’s hard to remove and track all of your images in cyber space, you can add to the number of attractive images of you that come in an Internet search. In today’s business world, it is imperative that you manage as many aspects of your image as possible; professional pictures with professional makeup are an easy fix.

Special Note: Occasionally, Blush & Brushes offers support for nonprofit organizations catering to young and mature women involving makeup. Please contact us to discuss.


Wedding Makeup
Makeup for corporate headshots
Airbrush and traditional makeup are available
No service minimums
Service maximum is five clients