Bridal Makeup FAQs

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Our makeup style says, “simple, elegant, and classic,” and we focus exclusively on small bridal parties! We believe there’s something special about the beauty and intimacy of small weddings; therefore, there are no service minimums. We aim to fit seamlessly into your plans and to make your life both easier and beautiful.

Airbrush Makeup

1)  Why Airbrush Makeup?
Airbrush makeup has several benefits.  It is very sheer and makes your skin look flawless!  When people look at you, they don’t think “she has nice makeup”.  Instead, they think “she has beautiful skin!”.

2)  How long will it last?
Airbrush makeup lasts a very long time.  It can easily last 8 hours and even longer depending on your skin type, perspiration, and use of touch up products.  Additionally, the type of airbrush makeup we use as well as the skincare prep process also enhance how long your look will last.  We do use different products on brides versus bridesmaids.  Because the bride has undergone a pre-wedding trial, we are more confident regarding how her skin will react to the many different items that we use.  On the other hand, for bridesmaids, we use products that we feel confident won’t cause reactions in light of the fact that bridesmaids generally don’t receive pre-wedding trials.

3)  Is it true that it looks natural?
Yes!  Airbrush makeup can be applied to achieve a variety of looks from soft and natural to high fashion ultra glamorous looks.  Different types of airbrush makeup provide different types of coverage.  Your beauty artist should be very familiar with the types of makeup s/he uses and should know what it takes to get the level of coverage and color-match that makes you look like a beautiful, radiant version of yourself.

Managing the Bride and Bridal Party

1)  Do you come to the house or hotel?
Blush & Brushes is an on-location business and travels to the location that her clients prefer.  We come to private homes, hotels, churches, parks, travel for destination weddings, and wherever else our clients need us to go!

2)  Do you have a team?
Blush & Brushes specializes in small weddings.  We do our best work with small bridal parties.  We prefer wedding parties of five or fewer attendants.  If your wedding party is larger, we are more than happy to talk it over with you to determine whether we can meet your needs.

3)  How long do you or does your team stay on the wedding day?
We establish a start time  and completion time that takes into account each person who is scheduled for and has paid for service.  We plan to be available from that start time until the agreed upon completion time.

4)  Does Blush & Brushes do pamper parties?
Yes, we do on site peel parties.  Please inquire for details.

5)  Are lashes included in the service?
Yes, lashes, whether strips or flares, are included for both the bride and attendants.

Pre-Wedding Consultations

1)  How long does it take?
A pre-wedding consultation should last 1.5 – 2.5 hours.  The objective of the consultation is to create a look for your wedding day that you love.  Your makeup artist may change your makeup several times to help you find the look that you like.  You should also speak up about what you like and dislike.

2)  How much does a pre-wedding consultation cost?
The pre-wedding trial is $90 and is non-refundable; however, this fee is deducted from the bride’s total cost when the wedding services agreement is signed.  The cost to the bride ranges from $150 – $250 depending on total number of services provided to the bride and bridal party.

3)  Am I charged if I change my mind regarding my look and request a second trial?
Yes.  The second trial is the same fee as the initial trial; however, its cost will not be deducted from the bride’s final invoice.

4)  How do I prepare for a consultation?
Preparation is simple.  Make sure your skin is clean and makeup free!  That’s really all you need to do.  If you like, you can wear your hair in the style that you think will be your wedding style and you can wear your wedding accessories.  A white tube top or tank top is a good idea too.  Simply choose the one that is closest to the style of your dress.

Helpful Hint:  As you prepare for your pre-wedding beauty consultation, compile pictures of women and brides whose makeup you love and hate!  Although it is impossible to look exactly like a photograph of someone else, this step helps your makeup artist understand what style of makeup to lean toward and what to run from.


Airbrush Makeup is available.
All of our services, including both pre-wedding trial and wedding day service, are provided on-site.
Pre-wedding Peel Pamper Parties are available.