Wedding Makeup Contract Questions

1) Is a deposit necessary?

2)  Who pays for the makeup services?  
Blush & Brushes bills the bride for all services and the bride is the client for contractual purposes.  It is up to the bride to decide whether she will pay for the makeup services for attendees or ask them to reimburse her.

3)   What happens if my bridal party is late?  
Blush & Brushes sets aside a block of time for each client and client group.  Fees may be assessed for tardiness requiring our team to stay on site for more than 30 minutes past the scheduled completion time. Please note that refunds will not be given for individuals who miss their services due to tardiness.

4)  Do you book more than one wedding per day?  
Sometimes.  It depends on the schedule and travel time between the ceremonies.    We determine upfront the time by which each bride needs to be dressed, and it is our practice to be available up to 30 minutes beyond that time for emergencies and tardiness.

5) Are deposits refundable for attendants who change their minds about makeup service?
No.  Our team reserve time based on deposits.  Once a deposit is paid that time is set aside.  10 days before the wedding, final payments are due.  The schedule is reviewed and edited as necessary according to who has made full payment.

6)  When are final payments due?
Final payments are due 14 days before the wedding and may be made by credit card or Paypal.

7)  Are final payments accepted on arrival on the wedding day?
No.  Our schedule is made according to how many firm reservations have been secured.