I’m M. Blush Sutton, and Blush & Brushes is my baby. Just to be clear, Blush & Brushes is two things. First, it is a concierge skincare and makeup business that provides clinical chemical peels and bridal makeup. Second, Blush & Brushes is a lifestyle blog that chronicles the female journey through the many twists and turns of life through introspection, rebellion, acceptance (sometime reluctant), and unapologetic self-acceptance.

So, what’s my story?  Blush & Brushes evolved into a formally registered thing in 2007; however, for some time prior to that I was working on developing my craft as a makeup artist. I was collaborating with budding photographers mingling with hopeful models and beating faces every chance I got. Then, I caught the entrepreneur religion and decided that I needed an extra something-something to appeal to brides because it seemed, out of the blue, that EVERYBODY was suddenly calling herself a makeup artist. I decided the extra something should be skincare and enrolled in esthetician school.

Here’s what’s weird about this whole story: the women in my family don’t normally wear any makeup (besides lipstick) and would often say that people who wore a lot of makeup had self esteem problems or that they were actually unattractive. It turns out that I absolutely love makeup. As a matter of fact, during the winter (cuz summer sweat and foundation aren’t a good mix), I wear enough makeup to be mistaken for a drag queen! #TheIrony

But here’s another thing I needed to address. Actually, two things. After I completed skincare school and went to work in a Philadelphia dermatology practice, I encountered tons of people who really needed to address skin issues a lot more desperately than they needed makeup. And I do mean real skincare issues, like cystic acne which the kind of acne that feels like you have marbles embedded in your skin or chronic breakouts that made the face painful to even touch.  So, my love of makeup took a backseat to my passion for skincare.  Then, I started really hating people who say things like, “It’s not what’s on the outside that counts”.  I CALL B.S.!!!!

When I called B.S., I developed my new slogan: Pretty Faces and Beautiful Souls! It’s my protest to this foolishness about appearance being of no meaningful consequence.  It also reflects what I really think people should aim for as they develop their characters: you want to cultivate your appearance (which includes taking care to be healthy) and figure out what it means to be a good person and be that.

Ultimately, you get two things with Blush & Brushes:  beauty services and info along with a front seat view of the turn of life and its sifted lessons.  You’ll enjoy both!

 Thanks for visiting my website, and I hope you keep coming back!