Reflect to Refocus Retreat

In the fall of every year, Blush & Brushes hosts an intimate retreat for women who want a long weekend to unplug, connect with a like-minded sisterhood, and participate in personal growth workshops. The beauty of this retreat is in its intentional small size and an agenda that is both optional and not over-scheduled. If you want to sleep and do nothing, you can. If you want to do all of the activities, you can. The goal of the Reflect to Refocus Retreat is to encourage participants to make an annual personal retreat part of their plan for self-care and to help them focus on those things that would make them feel more empowered, courageous, and successful as we march toward the start of a new year!

The retreat is a three-day get-away designed for women who want to explore the alignment between their personal needs and the other parts of their lives. What is different about the Reflect to Refocus Retreat is focus on meaningful relationship-building; it is nearly impossible to get lost in the crowd. You will leave refreshed and with new additions to your tribe (of course, we have a private Facebook Group, and we actually get together beyond the retreat)!

Whether you regard a retreat as destination (a place of refuge, seclusion, or privacy) or as an activity (to withdraw, retire, or draw back, especially for shelter or seclusion), it is an intentional interruption of your regular routine for fun and respite.  Meanwhile, it’s is the perfect dose of motivation to achieve goals by the end of year and who want to get a head start on planning goals for the upcoming year.

PS – Yes, I know I need to change the branding in the video (working on it)!