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There are tons of products out there; some are great…and some aren’t. It is for this reason that our blog includes product reviews. We want to know what’s out there at a variety of price points. There really is something for everybody. On the other hand, there are some products that we stand behind and know are effective beyond a shadow of a doubt; but clients can’t get those without going through a licensed professional.  The four products pictured above are just that: great products that clients can’t get on their own. We also find that these are the products that help our clients the most. If you have questions about these products, let us know!

Vitamin A Gel: helps with exfoliation between chemical peel treatments by encouraging and supporting the body’s natural cell turnover process. Enhanced cell turnover reduces acne, supports an even skintone, and minimizes the visible signs of aging.

Nighttime Control Lotion: helps to kill the bacteria that causes acne while also helping keep pores open. Essentially, this product fights acne, by eliminating two of three leading contributors to acne (dirt/debris, clogged pores, and bacteria).

Cleansing Gel with Salicylic Acid: this product contains salicylic which is great for helping to control oily skin. Unlike other ingredients, salicylic acid actually gets into the pores of your skin and breaks down the oil. This is helpful for both shine control and reduced acne.

Lipid Replacing Gel: this cleanser is awesome for individuals with normal to slightly oily skin, especially if you wear lots of makeup or use several products on your skin because it allows you wash your face a couple of times without getting it squeaky clean (Squeaky clean is NEVER A GOOD THING). The skin needs to hang on to some of its natural oils while you need to get all of the day off. This product does the trick!