Our Skincare Focus

When it comes to skincare, we do three things really well: chemical peels, comparing and blogging about products, and selling only those products that we know work. This is what we do and all we do. We network with spas and medi-spas and are happy to share referrals for facials and services that we don’t provide. We are committed to focusing on those services where we can provide top notch service and expertise.

Our Skincare Product Reviews:
The vast majority of the products we talk about are retail products. We pick up products ranging from Walgreens to L’Occitane and beyond. Essentially, if there’s something about the product that we think will serve clients, we’re game.

The Peels:
There are lots of peels out there; but we specialize in peels that work on anti-aging, acne, and hyperpigmentation. Our peels are administered by a licensed professional and work on the top layers of the epidermis. Some of our peels cause visible shedding and some do not; it all depends on your needs. Feel Free to schedule a complimentary consultation on “Telephone Tuesday”

Peel Parties

Do you love chemical peels and can attest to how great they’ve worked for you?  Do you also want to save a few bucks?  Get 2-4  of your friends to join you for a peel, and you’ll all save $30!  Get five of your friends, and everybody will save $50!

B&B brings the entire party to you! Once we arrive, we only need space to set up and water!

We offer the following types of chemical peels:

The Jessner’s Peel is designed to help combat sun damage (including liver spots), pigmentation issues and acne.

The Mandeliclear peel is a gentler version of the Jessner’s peel and is a great option for sensitive skin suffering from hyperpigmentation, acne and dullness.

Lactic acid is great option for sensitive and dry skin. All chemical peels temporarily increase skin dryness; however, lactic peels are designed to minimize excessive dryness.  Lactic acid helps smooth the surface of the skin, control acne and brighten aging skin.

Although salicylic acid is known most for fighting acne, it works for a number of other skin ailments, including sun damage, pigmentation challenges and rough skin texture.

This peel is ideal for gentle exfoliation with minimal flaking.  Glycolic won’t make your skin dry and will help to keep your pores open while freshening and brightening your skin.