Pretty Faces, Beautiful Souls Workshops

These 30 – 60 minute workshops are presentations provided to groups and organizations interested in light-hearted, but provocative discussions focused on topics involving the following themes:

•Personal branding

•Cultivating Your Look



We want to help you to look good – great makeup, be intentional about your look, and know how to take care of your skin! We also want you to love who you are which requires intentional character cultivation. Indeed, you cannot be a just a pretty face. You cannot be only a beautiful soul. The goal is to be both a pretty face and a beautiful soul.

Personal Growth:

Whether consciously or not, each of us has chosen monikers for our lives. Monikers are the the words and philosophies that reflect how you see yourselves and your perception of the impact that you make. Essentially, they are the manner and grace with which your soul makes its way through the world. No matter your monikers, they are an expression of how you see yourself or how you’ve ignored yourself. Your soul, when cultivated and encouraged, is beautiful and guides every part of your life

Blush & Brushes aims to help you choose your monikers and strengthen your total self-image through workshops like these:
• The Pillars of You: Deciding the Stakes of Your Life; and
• When They’re Right Not to Trust You: Repairing a Damaged Image and Brand

Cultivating Your Look:

Your image is the face that you show the world. Actually, it’s bigger than that. It is everything on your body (including clothing, hairstyle, and makeup) and whether your look appears intentional. The trick to cultivating your look is consistency. Are you showing up in the same powerful way every day or occasionally surprising people? Every time you show up, aim to prove that you’ve got it what it takes so that when people bet on you, they are confident!

Here’s the drag: sometimes, makeup and wardrobing are difficult to master. Makeup can be a total fail if it’s over done or improperly matched color-wise.  In the same vein, clothing can be difficult because we have entertain trends alongside knowing what works for our bodies, our lifestyles and activities, and most of all, our wallets.

These workshops focus on helping you gain the confidence you need through tips on topics like the following:
• Creating and building a signature look starting with what you already own; and
• Applying makeup for beautiful everyday looks.

Skincare Confidence

The hottest look that anyone can wear is confidence.  Plain and simple.  Blush & Brushes aims to help clients reach the pinnacle of skincare so that makeup is a great option rather than a mask to hide behind.

We help our clients exude confidence by teaching them how to take care of their skin and apply beautiful, elegant makeup.  Our Pretty Faces workshops focus on topics like the following:

• Skincare fundamentals and regimens; and
• Fighting acne and other chronic problems.

Blush & Brushes aims to help you strengthen your self-image through workshops like the following:

• The Pillars of You: Deciding the Stakes of Your Life
• When They’re Right Not to Trust You: Repairing a Damaged Image and Brand
• Creating and Building a Signature Look
• Makeup Application for Beautiful Everyday Looks
• Skin Fundamentals and Care Regimens that Work
• Fighting Acne and Other Chronic Problems