Welcome, Pretty Faces & Beautiful Souls

Welcome to the Blush & Brushes website.

I’m M. Blush Sutton, and Blush & Brushes is my business.  Thanks for visiting my website, and I hope you keep coming back! In order to encourage you to do that, let me share a little bit about what my business is about.

Blush & Brushes is two things.  First, it is a mobile business that provides clinical chemical peels and bridal makeup. Second, Blush & Brushes is a lifestyle blog that speaks to women over 35.

There are a couple of things you should know: all of our services, both chemical peels and makeup, are provided on-site, and we offer evening and weekend appointments. We come to you, where ever that may be.  It’s easy to make appointments; just click online scheduling.  Our skincare specialty is professional, medical-grade chemical peels and skincare products.  We focus on helping you get rid of acne, clear up hyperpigmentation for an even skin tone, and minimizing the signs of aging.  Both men and women take advantage of our convenient skincare services.  On the other hand, our makeup business is focused on brides and special occasions.  We offer both airbrush and traditional makeup for brides in the Delaware Valley region.

Blush & Brushes also features a blog called, “Sifted Lessons”. It explores how life gives us second chances in the second half of our lives. For women, that second half starts at 40.  At least it did for me.  The funny thing about these second chances is that you only get them when you reflect on the first half of your life, when you “sift it” for the stuff you missed, overlooked, under-estimated, abused, over-used, skimped on, or just didn’t squeeze enough joy from. As I squeeze the sponge a second time, I’m sharing my journey. So far, the second ride is at once faster and slower, both intoxicating and sobering, simultaneously overwhelming and within my ability to handle. These sifted lessons are powerful, and I know you, too, have some sifting to do.  This second chance is akin sliding into home, and I’m doing my level-best to get everything I can from it.  I invite you to come along.

Ultimately, you get two things with Blush & Brushes:  beauty services and info along with a front seat view of the turn of life and its sifted lessons.  You’ll enjoy both!

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